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Nonprofit Private School Website Update & Rebrand

Leading the comprehensive rebranding and marketing initiative for Seeds of Excellence Christian Academy, transforming their identity into a modern, highly sought-after learning institution through website redesign, brand guideline development, social media management, and captivating photography and videography services.

  1. Website Redesign Phase:

    • This involves the creation of a new website design to reflect the transformed brand image. Tasks include:

      • Building out a site map: Structuring the website's navigation and content organization.

      • Creating mockups for approval: Designing visual representations of the proposed website layout and features for client review and feedback.

  2. Brand Guideline Development:

    • Crafting comprehensive brand guidelines that define the visual and verbal identity of the brand. This includes:

      • Establishing fonts: Choosing typefaces that represent the brand's personality and values.

      • Defining color palettes: Selecting colors that evoke the desired brand associations and emotions.

      • Choosing images: Curating a library of visuals that align with the brand's messaging and aesthetics.

      • Creating brand patterns: Designing patterns or motifs to add visual interest and coherence to brand materials.

      • Establishing brand voice: Defining the tone, language style, and messaging guidelines for consistent communication.

  3. Social Media Management:

    • Developing and executing strategies to maintain a consistent brand presence and increase awareness on social media platforms. This includes:

      • Content creation: Generating engaging posts, graphics, and videos tailored to each platform and audience.

      • Community management: Interacting with followers, responding to comments, and fostering engagement.

      • Analytics and reporting: Tracking key metrics to evaluate performance and optimize strategies.

  4. Photography and Videography Services:

    • Producing high-quality visual content for various purposes, including:

      • Social media: Creating compelling imagery and videos to share on social platforms and engage the audience.

      • School announcements: Capturing important events, achievements, and updates to share with the school community.

      • Brand story: Crafting visual narratives that communicate the brand's identity, values, and mission.

Overall, the contract encompasses a comprehensive approach to rebranding and marketing the client as a modern, reputable learning institution, with services ranging from website redesign to content creation and social media management.

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