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Client Website Redesign

The client wanted a website redesign and new brand photos to launch and her new political campaign for the 2023 local elections.

  1. Landing Page Development:

    • Designed and implemented a captivating landing page to serve as a temporary showcase while the full website was in development, ensuring a seamless transition and engaging user experience.

  2. Website Design and Development:

    • Crafted the website's layout and functionality based on approved mockups, incorporating client feedback to achieve the desired aesthetic and user interface.

  3. Special Website Feature: Election Countdown Clock:

    • Implemented a unique feature within the website architecture, integrating an election countdown clock to generate excitement and anticipation among visitors.

  4. Photography Services:

    • Provided professional photography services, including client photos and headshots, to enhance the website's visual appeal and convey a polished, professional image.

By delivering these services, we aimed to not only create an engaging online presence for our client but also to ensure a seamless user experience and convey their brand message effectively.

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